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Youth FGBMFI Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

Young People are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!

The FGBMFI recognise (like Jesus showed us in the scriptures) that we should not hinder the little children; but embrace and encourage them to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Word says that 'out of the mouths of babes and sucklings ... He would bring forth wisdom.

Each FGBMFI chapter should have a section for the youth in their area.  There are already youth chapters affiliated to the local chapter; throughout the whole of the USA, which are reaching the young people in their local area.
Of course there needs to be spiritual oversight and accountability, but not in an oppressive way, but in a bible based, Holy Spirit led way.

Youth, by default, are still part of the 'one flesh' of their parents (the fruit of the family) according to the bible, that is until they marry for themselves and leave home. However, young people need a voice and the FGB leadership need to 'hear that voice and respond to it', so young people, please contact us with your Holy Spirit led suggestions and initiatives, so we can explore how best to support you.

We welcome your Christian testimonies and suggestions.

FGBMFI UK & Ireland

FGBMFI UK & Ireland


If you are looking for FGBMFI in the UK then you have found the official UK blog for the FGBMFI the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship INTERNATIONAL

What does FGBMFI do?

At FGBMFI meetings, Christian men from different denominations and work backgrounds share how the power of God has transformed their lives in everyday situations in the UK

You can receive help, prayer for healing of the body, mind and spirit, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit from FGBMFI, where you are in the UK.

A vital feature of FGBMFI meetings is mentoring and training in how to share your faith with work colleagues and introduce them to Christ so that they can know God’s power in their life.


The FGBMFI is all about real life experiences. What can be more relevant than sharing the experiences of men from all kinds of backgrounds in the UK, from marketing to plumbing, from farming to IT, from the boardroom to the unemployed.
You will meet men at FGBMFI, who know the pressures in business today.  Through their personal stories they share honestly how they have dealt with success that did not bring fulfilment, of failure that became the launch-pad for a new and purposeful life.
Men for whom marriages were healed, addictions were overcome, business problems resolved, all through an encounter with a life transforming God, at one of FGBMFI meetings. 

FGBMFI is the purpose and focus of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man, has spread to 160 nations in every continent in the world, including the UK. The life changing story about FGBMFI is told in the book "The Happiest People On Earth".

Through our FGBMFI meetings in the UK we aim to:

  • Reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ
  • To reveal the power of Christ to men
  • Offer Christian Fellowship with FGBMFI and mentoring for men in the UK
  • Bring greater unity to the Christian Church worldwide through FGBMFI
  • Equip men to fulfill the Great Commission
  • FGBMFI in the UK would like to meet you

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